SCADA System

AplombTech provides complete automation solutions for any and all types of infrastructure such as manufacturing plants, office buildings,s, etc. This is called a SCADA system (Supervisory control and data acquisition) and it allows for automated operation of machinery and utilities as well as remote monitoring and control.


Functions of the SCADA system

  • Turn machinery on and off automatically
  • Unit count of machinery
  • Automatically turn utilities (light, AC, etc.) on or off
  • Automatic intensity control of lights 
  • Automatic temperature control
  • Fire security and
  • Any other custom requirement


Users will be able to monitor and manually control the whole system via physical control panel, over the internet with a web panel or even through mobile app. Our automation system optimizes business operations by eliminating human errors and saving time and it allows users to stay in control of their organization from anywhere in the world.