Smart Tank

Smart Tank

Tank Thinker

Our advanced Water Level Controller provides automated service and different measurement for pump with intelligence and proper information


  • Automatically turns on/off pump motor according to water level
  • Applicable for both single phase and three phase
  • Applicable for both single tank and double tank
  • Highly efficient, easy to install & no maintenance cost
  • Reduce energy consumption


  • Operating Voltage (Single Phase): 220V AC 50Hz
  • Operating Voltage (Three Phases): 220V AC coil only
  • Maximum Load:  Current 8A (Single Phase) 220V AC Coil (Three Phase)
  • Operating Temperature:  -40°C to +85°C
  • Motor Specification : 1/6 hp to 2hp (Single Phase). Magnetic Conductor with 220V AC coil (Three Phase)
Installation & User guide
Smart Tank User Guide (for Three Phase motor double reservoir)