Shoppers Mama

Shoppers Mama is a powerful location based mobile marketing platform into the affordable reach of any local retailer or business no matter how small or big. This service is designed and built to help you to increase revenues, customer loyalty and engagement through an exciting digital marketing platform connecting you with the customers you want to reach and influence through mobile. Our in-app features enable you to reach the right customer and push the right message at the right time and at the right location using BLE Beacons for accurate mobile proximity marketing. Shoppers Mama enables you to not only reach your customers based on their location but also its advanced web panel gives you deeper insights like customer patterns, dwell times, customer location patterns, customer reviews,  buying behaviors etc. to better understand your customers & increase your foot traffic, sales and revenue.




Proximity marketing:
  • Showcase products, promotions or services based on age, location etc.
  • Send offers and discounts to a customer when  he's near a product or a certain product shelf (superstores)
  • Send offers via push notification when a customer is around


Indoor positioning & navigation system:
  • In-app navigation facility will allow any user to find any shop/ product/ location inside a mall/ shop/ store
  • BLE Beacons for location services and indoor positioning service

Web Admin Panel:
  • Set offers and messages to individual beacons to be broadcasted
  • Analyze the data and metrics to understand patterns and review marketing campaigns using web panel
  • Administrative access over beacons
  • Real-time analytics and more