Civil Drone

If you are looking for a drone with GPS guidance, extra battery life and spare parts, then you have come to the right place! AplombTechBD has a highly skilled technical team of developers and fliers of multirotor drones. It'll be our pleasure to help you to professionally set up, build and test fly your drone. Our drones come in self build and ready to fly variants. And, we always advise you to make the right choice. Our offers can cover the demands from hobbyists who fly drones just for fun to professionals who need high end aerial photo/video capture capability. Not only that, you can also plan & control your own flight very easily. You can even make maps and 3D models of your desired area only with a few clicks!


AplombTechBD presents Unmanned Air Vehicle or UAV, which is generally known as drone. There are two basic types of them: Fixed Wing that looks like a plane and Multirotor that looks like a helicopter. Our drones are basically multirotor type. You have four options to choose from - Quadcopter, Hexacopter, Octocopter & Diesel Engine Copter. We will provide your desired drones with all the necessary development tools and software. With our drones, you are free to design your own flight control system and route planning to make the drone do your required task. You can also develop other applications as per your requirements to use the drones.

Maps and 3D

The AplombTechBD drones have introduced a revolution in the field of mapping and 3D modeling. Through the precise control of motor rotation, direction and position of the sensor and proper management of the camera triggering, our drone can map an area by redefining the style of traditional photography. With our drones, you can create highest quality 3D models and orthogonal photos from above of the ground.

Flight Planning and Control

We have an elegant and well-developed software interface to perform the flight control programming and mission operations of our drones. Rather than using normal pre-programmed missions or manually flying the drone, operators can send the drone to any near place by just clicking on a map and say “go here now”. The entire system is designed to be easily approachable for the novice flyers and hobbyists, while at the same time, it is still very suitable for custom applications such as: using in education, and research works.

Best Features:

Simple: Our Drones are simple and easy to use due to their mechanical simplicity and design flexibility.

Portable: The lightweight of AplombTechBD Drones made them portable anywhere.

Strong: A powerful payload lifter that’s functional even in strong wind conditions gives the Drones strength and sustainability.

Safe: Proper and redundant lift sources have given increased margin of safety to our Drones.

Automatic: Our drones are fully automatic, including takeoff, flight plan execution and auto landing.

Stable: The drones have capability of stable vertical takeoff and landing - can take off and land pretty much anywhere.

Precise: Camera mount with our drones features automatic pitch and roll compensation for flexible camera angle.

AplombTechBD Drone - An Eye in the Sky!


Technically, there is nothing between you and first-class photo and videography – with proper tools you can take spectacular shots in almost all areas. The AplombTechBD Drones makes it possible to take steady, shake free videos with the special camera mount that has automatic pitch and roll compensation. Whether for movies or pictures of landscapes, concerts, sport-shootings or huge objects – the AplombTechBD Drones creates unique images. Our Drones fly safely over land and water. Especially for the inspection of industrial plants, an AplombTechBD Octocopter is worth buying for. With our drones, you can even reach areas which are difficult to access, e.g. high-voltage pylons. Using any thermal imaging camera with our Drone, you can identify corrosion or other traces of wear directly. Our Drones can also be used to perform geographical surveys that can help to understand the underlying rock structure in an area which helps geophysicists to predict the location of mineral deposits. Our low cost Drones are also very suitable for aerial surveillance of large areas.

Why will you use our drones?

  • Simplified Design

    Multirotors do not require any mechanical linkage to vary the rotor blade pitch angle as they spin, which makes the design simple.

  • Easy Maintenance

    Our copters’ maintenance is very easy due to their constructions. It ensures greater lifetime.

  • Less Kinetic Energy consumption during Flight

    Using four rotors allows each individual rotor to have a smaller diameter than the equivalent helicopter rotor. This ensures good energy distribution.

  • Safer for Close Interaction

    Frames enclosing the rotors permit flights through more challenging environments. It is safe for using in a public place. 

  • Autonomous Flight

    Our Quadcopters and other Multicopters also have the ability of autonomous flight, thanks to the GPS!

  • Size & Portability

    Despite being the most powerful and stable multicopters, the size and portability of the AplombTechBD copters allow you to quickly transport, fly, and capture amazing aerial videos and photos almost anywhere.

  • Environment Adjustability

    As our copters are highly maneuverable, they could be useful in all kinds of situations and environments. They are pretty stable even in a windy situation. 

  • Suitable for Aerial Imagery

    Capturing aerial images with a quadcopter is as simple as programming GPS co-ordinates and hitting the go button.

  • An Eye in the Sky

    Using on-board cameras, users have the option to stream live to the ground. Many companies have used this for real estate photography to industrial systems inspection.

  • Longer Flight Duration

    Depending on various models and applications, our drones can fly up to approximately 30 minutes in a single flight.

  • Complete Support

    To provide the full support to our customer as quickly as possible is of the highest priority to us.

  • Ease of Control

    Our copters are designed to be controlled by smartphones or tablet devices, which makes it great fun to fly them.

Possible applications of AplombTechBD drones:

  • Inspection of high voltage power lines.
  • Inspection of wind turbines.
  • Inspection of photovoltaic systems.
  • Rescue missions during any natural calamities.
  • Search for survivors in case of fire in a multistory building.
  • Inspection of bridge facilities.
  • Inspection of oil and gas pipelines.
  • Inspection of train paths.
  • Inspection of road accidents.
  • Thermal analysis of industrial materials with thermal imaging camera.
  • Detection of hot spots of solar power plants.
  • To make 2D/3D map and designs of any specific area.
  • To make film clips for films, advertising and sports.
  • To have views of hazards and disasters like fire/natural disasters, mass meetings, traffic jams etc.


At the core of all our products, is our proprietary flight control system which is the result of years of research and development. The artificial intelligence incorporated in the AplombTechBD Flight Controller continuously analyzes data from the Inertial Measurement Units e.g. Accelerometer, Gyro etc., the on-board GPS etc. and takes care of all physical parameters of the flight mission. AplombTechBD Flight Controller lets the user prepare, plan, setup, control and operate the trajectory of our copters both before and during flight. It is also capable of controlling and coordinating multiple drones simultaneously. You can make some test flights and control using our developed module here. Upon satisfaction after using AplombTechBD Flight Controller, you can order our software here for your drones' flight planning and control.

Steps of flight panning & control

Step-1: Preparation

In the preparation phase, flight requirements are pre-defined. Parameters, such as altitude, airspeed and the distance between the trigger positions can be scheduled by our planning software within very less time.

Step-2: Flight Planning

After preparation, the flight plan is created to capture the data from the drone. The flight planning is done by using our special planning software. Flight direction, resolution, physical parameters’ values, route and stereo overlap are entered and shown in the Software. The flight plan will be created and stored using the mouse.

Step-3: Control Points

We recommend to set a checkpoint per hectare to achieve a high accuracy of the georeference. The reference points are set manually before the flight. This is only necessary if the survey’s transformation into a system (Cartesian coordinate system) is desired.

Step-4: Flight Operations

Once the schedule has been fed into the AplombTechBD Flight Controller, the data acquisition is performed 100% automatically. In reference to the earth surface, normal flight recordings are done orthogonally towards the ground from straight up above the sky.

Step-5: Image Geotagging

The Geobox syncs the camera and the GPS system of the drone and stores the trigger points and the current GPS coordinates directly into the ​​data of the photo. This allows processing of geo-referenced data in various GIS systems. Finally, the output is ready to create a map of the travelled area or a 3D model if required.


In the planning phase, flight requirements are pre-defined. Flight parameters, such as altitude, airspeed and the distance between the trigger positions can be scheduled by our planning software in no time.


We recommend to set a checkpoint per hectare to achieve a high accuracy of the georeference. The reference points are set manually before the flight. This is only necessary if the survey’s transformation into a system (Cartesian coordinate system) is desired.


AplombTechBD Mapping system is a professional grade photogrammetry software that runs on your desktop computer or laptop and can process aerial imagery into 2D maps and 3D models with centimeter accuracy. The interesting fact about this mapping system is that, this complex task can be done by just a couple of clicks. To enhance image and mapping quality, AplombTechBD 3D includes tools for editing and brightness control. Before launching full processing, Postflight AplombTechBD 3D allows a quick check of the image overlap and calculate a rough orthomosaic at one quarter of original image resolution while flying in the field. Such quick maps are perfect as background for precise flight planning in AplombTechBD Flight Controller.

Users can use this service from anywhere and anytime by logging in to our server. Users need to send the video file over internet and order his/her desired service. Then our server will process the data using AplombTechBD 3D and will deliver the 2D map or 3D model output to the user as per his/her requirements.

Mapping Software

After completing the previous steps in the flight planning and control, geo referenced images are created and used by the AplombTechBD 3D software to create an image-based 3D model and build the texture for the orthogonal photo of the 3D model. An expensive camera calibration isn't required. The software provides the ability to perform a supplementary calibration using the investigating camera parameters to the workflow.


After synchronization of the camera and the GPS of the drone, the current co-ordinates get directly embedded into the data of the taken photo. /this allows post processing of geo-referenced data in various GIS systems. Finally, the output is ready to create a map of the travelled area or a 3D model if required. 

Accuracy and Stability

AplombTechBD drones have 3 axis accelerometer, gyroscope and built in barometer in the main controller board thus, it is very accurate to hold it's altitude which is very useful when flying. We also included additional GPS hold that works dynamically. It ensures the drone to hold it's position and altitude without any further radio commands to it.


Multirotor drone from AplombTechBD is one of the major and excellent inventions of the company so far. These modern drones contribute to the advancement of the 21st century technology. Surveillance, indoor and outdoor 3D imaging, quick medical supply, postal services are some of the major applications of AplombTechBD drone.

Our drones are highly power efficient and equipped with on-board artificial intelligence. State of the art technology puts them in the leading position of the drone industry. These drones will introduce a lot of important applications.

Emergency surveillance helps to find out lost people and living beings affected by natural calamities e.g. earthquake, cyclone, flood etc. It can also be used to track the people who are lost in the forest r other hard to reach places.

Indoor and outdoor 3D imaging and mapping helps the customer in different ways. Indoor 3D imaging will help getting a full overview of the inside of a building before entering into there. Outdoor 3D imaging can give information about the crop field, the density of forest, atmospheric information of a particular area, information regarding any possible fire in a forest and many more. 

Quick medical supply and help can be sent using our drones. This process is relatively faster, cost effective and environmental friendly. It can also be used for postal services to send documents and packages quickly.

Another good application of the drone is to find out the location of the fishes in the deep sea. That way, the fishermen can easily navigate to that place.

The drones from AplombTechBD are environment friendly. They do not generate carbon di-oxide or any other harmful chemicals when they are under operation. Highly efficient power management unit assures that our drones fly more than the conventional ones.