Smart Energy Meter

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. Keeping this saying in mind, AplombTech BD is offering an intelligent and more accurate Smart Meter to manage your energy consumption and thus energy bills more effectively. Get a Smart Meter and enjoy your journey towards smart future.

Think what conventional energy meters do. It is hidden somewhere on a wall. The only time you realize how much energy you have been spending is when the bill hits your door! Unfortunately, that bill does not tell you how much you could have saved if you upgraded your air conditioner or refrigerator or adjusted your thermostat by a few degrees. You don’t even know how much you wasted on standby power (the power used by electronic devices when they are plugged in but not in use). Now, that is not smart at all, right? Would not it be nice if your energy meter could tell you how much energy have you used compared to your neighbors? Smart Meter will perform all those tasks for you. After all, everything is getting smart nowadays, why not Smart energy meters?

Just imagine if you knew how much energy you were consuming at home at any time of the day as well as how much energy each device was using! Or you could set a consumption limit yourself and get continuous notifications whether your current consumption rate will match your limit! AplombTech BD smart energy meters are devices capable of making the above imagination and many more into reality. An AplombTech BD smart meter will sit on your home, monitor the amount of energy you're consuming, and let you know how much energy you are using – this put more control in your hands about how you spend your energy at home. Thus you’ll have all the information you need to understand your energy usage, so you can manage it better and understand how you might be able to save.

AplombTech BD smart meters also offer additional possibilities for the future – such as improved time-of-day tariffs offering cheaper rates at off-peak times to smooth out national energy usage through the day. Plus, they will make it easier to sell your own micro-generated electricity (such as from a solar panel or home wind turbine) to the National Grid.

What are the benefits - will AplombTech BD Smart Energy Meters save me money?

As AplombTech BD smart meters transmit regular meter readings to your supplier automatically, they will remove the need for your meter to be read (thus remove the costs of meter readings which are currently added to your bills) and you should get accurate bills based on your actual usage. It will save you more if you actively use the information provided to see where you could reduce your energy consumption, and then make an effort to do so. Thus smart meters can reduce households needlessly wastage of energy mainly through thermostats that are incorrectly programmed, lights and appliances that are left on, and the occurrence of leak current (the power used by electronic devices when they are plugged in but not in use). It also will educate customers about the overall effects of the electric distribution system in their local areas.

What AplombTech BD smart energy meter has to offer to consumers?

Our smart energy meter series is mainly focused on metering solutions for single-phase circuits. The following summarized benefits are delivered by our proven, open standard and multi-application platform:

  • i) Two-Way Communications:

    Unlike traditional meters that simply measure energy usage, our smart meters will enable two-way communication between customers and distributor companies through wireless technology and user interfaces.

  • ii) Reduction Of Power Demand:

    It could even allow utilities to reduce electricity demand during peak demand times, like the hottest summer days, so that air conditioners are given priority over other appliances.

  • iii) Feedback on Energy Usage:

    After the distributor company has fully installed its advanced metering infrastructure, AplombTech BD smart meters can benefit the consumers by offering more detailed feedback on energy usage as well as enabling them to adjust their habits to lower electric bills.

  • iv) No Meter Reading:

    No more answering the door in your pajamas – unlike traditional meters, AplombTech BD Smart Meters are read remotely. This means you won’t need to answer the door to the meter readers, fill in a card or even provide readings online.

  • v) Individual Device Consumption:

    It is possible to know from the AplombTech BD smart meter the exact amount of consumption by each of the individual connected device at any instant of time. This feature will make the consumer aware of higher consumption devices and thereby controlling of overall consumption over time.

  • vi) Load Limit Setting:

    Consumer can set a load limit and get real time notifications whether the current consumption rate will match the expected limit till the end of billing cycle or will exceed the limit.

  • vii) Online Status Check:

    Consumer can check anytime the status of the energy consumption of that instant over online from any corner of the world. Also it is possible to make any kind of service request to the distributor company over internet from anywhere. It has given the system more flexibility.

What AplombTech BD smart energy meter has to offer to distributors?

Energy suppliers not only get benefit by not having to employ staff to manually read the meters in consumers properties, but that the access to real time data usage will allow them to balance their supplies more effectively by using AplombTech BD smart energy meter. Thus they will be able to balance their purchases and actually save a fortune on penalties on the balancing system. The more attractive features of AplombTech BD smart energy meter from distributor company perspective are summarized as below:

  • i) Tamper Detection:

    The tamper detection feature is implemented to sense different types, techniques, and sophistication of tampering, depending on the perceived threats and risks. The detection of the threat may enable the device to initiate appropriate defensive actions.

  • ii) Power Control of Individual Consumer:

    This feature enables the distributor company to control the power of individual consumer in case of necessity with only a few clicks of mouse.

  • iii) Sub-meter Control:

    Our meter has the built-in feature to connect to a number of sub-meters required as well as control those without any manual monitoring.

  • iv) No Meter Readers:

    Distribution companies do not need to send their employee to read meters of each & every individual consumers as the whole process is done automatically and wirelessly. This ability to read meters and generate bills without visiting the property also increases environmental benefits and fuel cost savings as a result of reduced number of vehicles on the road.

  • v) No Bill Management Software:

    No separate bill management software is needed for the distributor company as the software required to manage all information of individual consumers as well as system power consumption will be provided with the smart meter.

  • vi) System Loss Information:

    The distributor company will get the system loss information at any instant of time along with individual consumption data to determine various other parameters according to its need. At the end of a predefined interval of time the graphical representation of system loss data will give an idea of overall efficiency of the system.

  • vii) Some other benefits are included below:
    • Ability to check meters remotely to ensure they're working properly.
    • Enhanced ability to respond promptly to meter service requests.
    • Power outage notification helps to better manage restorations.
    • Ability to offer more innovative rate options that better match consumers' lifestyles.
    • Reduced electricity theft.
    • Reduced blackouts and system-wide electric failures.

Will AplombTech BD smart meter cost me money?

While having a smart meter installed is free, you may incur the cost indirectly through your bills. This cost will be paid by consumers through their energy bills, so we want to make sure it is as low as possible, which is why we are campaigning to ensure the government reviews the smart meter roll-out.

How big is AplombTech BD smart meter?

You may find that your electricity smart meter is slightly bigger than the old-style meter you have now.

Are AplombTech BD smart meters safe?

So far, there has been no medical evidence to suggest that smart meters are unsafe for people.

How often will my AplombTech BD smart meter need to be replaced?

Smart meters will need to be replaced around every 10 years – which is more often than current electricity meters. Again, your energy company will let you know when your smart meter is due to be replaced, and arrange a time and date for this to happen.